Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Garra-Pedicure Experience

Hiya. So on Sunday I had an Gara Rufa fish pedicure ,which if you haven't heard of before suck at the dead skin on your feet to leave them feeling softer. My mum offered to pay which was really nice of her, I was a bit worried at first but I was assured that it wouldn't hurt at all. You had to clean your feet in a foot spa before emerging them in the fish tank, for about 15 minutes. It felt really weird at the beginning and they tickled a lot between my toes, I was also told not to look at them because it freaks you out to look at something that's eating and nibbling at you! My feet definitely feel softer and fresher although it didn't remove all the skin I can tell a difference. I personally thought £10 was a tad pricey however they really did a good job and I would recommend it to anybody here's the link to the beauty treatment spa I visited SkinnyDipping.

Me (Pulling a face because the fish are tickling my feet)

Sorry for the bad photo quality they were taken on my
sisters blackberry

My feet and the fish....



  1. haha I love your face in the first one


  2. I'm scared to put my feet in the water with those fishes, but I heard from friends that it's a good treatment


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