Saturday, 16 April 2011

Babble Babble + Katy Perry California Dreams Tour

Hiya. I wanted to this general post to let you know whats been going on in my boring life...
YAY! for the holidays, I will be spending easter weekend in Ravenscar, this little village near Whitby, with my family eating lots of chocolate. Today was the last day of term, so I went to Alton Towers with school which is all ways really good with my friends, we went on all the bigger rides and my throat is actually killing from all the screaming I did. The coach journey back was pretty disgusting some people eat too much junk and were sick YACK! Anyway yesterday me and my friends booked tickets for Katy Perry California Dreams Tour in Sheffield I'm really looking forward to all the crazy costumes, dancing and to be honest she doesn't have the best singing voice but she's entertaining (apparently the arena smells of candy floss which is pretty cool). Something else I wanted to mention was how much I'm loving Lady Gaga's new song "Judas" I heard it on Capital FM today which was the first time it had ever been played officially and I think I may have killed the replay button on youtube!


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