Saturday, 19 March 2011

DIY:Denim Bag

Hi. I started making this bag at New Year because I'd just got my new sewing machine and was very excited to use it, so it has took me a while to finish because I had to get some matching material for the straps ( I stupidly didn't realise I had enough before I started :P). As you can tell it's made out of a denim skirt with a spotted pink cotton lining, I added a floral scarf through the belt hooks. I figgered it didn't need a inside pocket because already got four. At the moment I'm doing another craft project which I'll post about soon, it needs some finishing touches. Let me know if your making any craft projects and your thoughts on mine...


  1. oh wow, that looks amazing :)
    such a good idea! x

  2. i love what you did!! even the spotted inner lining! :) great job!

  3. great :)
    i am following you know :)
    mind to visit mine and following me back?
    cheer y'

  4. thank you for follow me back :) your hand made bag is georgeous....awesome:)

  5. great idea, I love it! and can I also say - you are soooo pretty! :P

  6. so cute!!
    i absolutely in love with you blog!

  7. i love DIY projects and denim so this is perfect! thanks for sharing