Saturday, 26 March 2011

Chunky Glitter Nails DIY

Hello. So yesterday day I decided to do a chunky glitter nail, I was a bit unsure how it would turn out but I love them here is the tutorial but there nothing too it...

All you'll need is:-
  • Craft Glitter
  • Nail Polish (I used a grey sparkle varnish)
  • Clear Varnish
  • Cling Film (optional)
  1. Apply a basecoat to your nails I used , Barry M's All In One, I wouldn't recommend this product because it takes flipping ages to dry.
  2. Then apply a couple of layer of a simple polish I used a grey one with a little shimmer in it or you could just use a plain grey or white.
  3. After that is dry get some cling film, because it can get a bit messy and empty a fair amount of your glitter out onto it.
  4. Add your clear varnish to one nail at a time .
  5. While it's still wet roll your finger in the glitter so it's all covered then SHAKE THEM! like crazy or the glitter will get every were.
  6. To finish add another layer of clear polish.

Friday, 25 March 2011

OOTD: I Jumped Off The Train Running Off The Tracks...

Dress-Miss Selfridge

This outfit is kind of simple but I stopped my sister from selling this dress on Ebay yesterday because it's so cute and I really don't like getting rid of things. I like the open back with the cross over buttons for the summer it also has pockets which I love on dresses.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Secret Lives Of Dresses Review

Hiya. This beautiful written book by Erin McKean is perfect for any girl who loves vintage fashion. To summarise the basic storyline Dora, is devastated when her grandma Mimi who raised her, suffers a stroke and she is left to run her magical vintage shop and uncovers secrets about her grandmother and her parents. I wouldn't say it was a chic-lit novel, because the death of her grandmother was very depressing but it did have a touch of romance and fashion that was more captivating.
Mckean also has a cute blog-

Saturday, 19 March 2011

DIY:Denim Bag

Hi. I started making this bag at New Year because I'd just got my new sewing machine and was very excited to use it, so it has took me a while to finish because I had to get some matching material for the straps ( I stupidly didn't realise I had enough before I started :P). As you can tell it's made out of a denim skirt with a spotted pink cotton lining, I added a floral scarf through the belt hooks. I figgered it didn't need a inside pocket because already got four. At the moment I'm doing another craft project which I'll post about soon, it needs some finishing touches. Let me know if your making any craft projects and your thoughts on mine...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I ♥ My Doc Martens

Hello. I feel like I'm neglecting my blog, I need to start posting more I know I keep saying this. Anyway I got some new doc martens two weeks ago when I went to London for the weekend from a shop in Camden. I absolutely love them there a brown cotton with a pinky/beige floral pattern they also came with some cute pink ribbon laces. I can't wait to wear them to no uniform day on friday because of red nose day ( I bought the pirate nose).


Monday, 7 March 2011

DIY: Dotty Knot Headband

Chubby Face!!!

Hello. very sorry I haven't posted recently at the weekend I went to London any way I'm going to try and post more regularly. This is a headband I made in the half term break it has elastic at the back so it will probably fit any body I will have it on my Etsy shop if I ever get it set up because my photograph skills aren't so great as you can probably tell! Know I am trying to draw a sprinkled donut for my art class.
Happy Monday To All...

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Favourite Songs 03/11

  • The Wanted- Gold Forever
  • Mike Posner-Please Don't Go

  • Adelle- Someone Like You
  • Far East Movement - Rocketeer

  • Martin Solveig- Hello
  • Jessie J- Price Tag
  • Lady Gaga- Born This Way

(very strange video but you gotta love her)

Much Love ♥