Saturday, 26 March 2011

Chunky Glitter Nails DIY

Hello. So yesterday day I decided to do a chunky glitter nail, I was a bit unsure how it would turn out but I love them here is the tutorial but there nothing too it...

All you'll need is:-
  • Craft Glitter
  • Nail Polish (I used a grey sparkle varnish)
  • Clear Varnish
  • Cling Film (optional)
  1. Apply a basecoat to your nails I used , Barry M's All In One, I wouldn't recommend this product because it takes flipping ages to dry.
  2. Then apply a couple of layer of a simple polish I used a grey one with a little shimmer in it or you could just use a plain grey or white.
  3. After that is dry get some cling film, because it can get a bit messy and empty a fair amount of your glitter out onto it.
  4. Add your clear varnish to one nail at a time .
  5. While it's still wet roll your finger in the glitter so it's all covered then SHAKE THEM! like crazy or the glitter will get every were.
  6. To finish add another layer of clear polish.


  1. i'm bothered with chunky nail polish simply because i chip my nails a lot! haha but this is nice for parties and will try it on :)

  2. Haha,wow! Amazing nails, definitely something I'll try when I have time!