Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cecilia Ahern- The Book Of Tomorrow

Hi. A while ago I did a review of Cecelia Ahern's book the Gift however before that I read PS I Love You... because I loved the film. Her writing is is incredibly descriptive, every detail is described so poetically. The story follows the life of a teenage girl, Tamarra Goodwin, struggling with grief after the suicide of her father. Her life is dramatically changed when she finds a diary as well as lots of unexpected secrets that her family have hid away her whole life are being revealed in the totally unexpected climax. With some unanswered questions left for you to guess I didn't want the book to end as open. The whole novel is quite diverse as it can have you laughing and crying, another magical tale by Cecelia with a pretty cover to match. Read it.


  1. oh wow, sounds great! my next read!

    The Flower Girl


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