Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ebay & Etsy

Hello.Recently I set up a eBay account to be organized to buy presents early for my family and friends for Christmas.I've never used ebay before except when I got my sister to buy me stuff but I decided to sell three bags a black Tula by Radley ,Camel Jane Shilton and Hello kitty bag.They all sold for £20 altogether including postage but £5 was fairly cheap for three packages.I'm definitly going sell some more bits and bobs.

Etsy is a website were you can sell all your handmade crafts I have an account but haven't of yet sold anything.I thought the bow I made for my hello kitty costume worked out really well so i might attach them to bobbles,clips and brooches.It's just an idea but it could work out i'll update you when their online.

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