Friday, 5 November 2010

Cheryl Cole-Messy little Raindrops Review

Hiya.So this is a review of Cheryl Cole's new album Messy Little Raindrops.I found Amazon was the cheapest album if you wanted to purchase it at £6.99.

"Promise This" is the first single from this album when I first heard it on X-Factor I thought her dance route was amazing but I really wasn't keen on the miming which was kind of disappointing.Although the more I listen to this song it gets better and is so catchy with the French bit:
Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette!
Deployer l'aile
Which means...
Skylark lark lark
Skylark lark lark
Spread your wings.
"Promise This" Video

"The Flood"
Is the next single release of the album it's defiantly not as catchy as "Promise This" because this isn't as much a dance song.It's a lot slower it not one of my favourites because it's a tad boring.

My Favourite Songs Of The Album
  1. Hummingbird-I love the tinkly intro and all the references to the birds and insects "He took eye off the Sparrow,flew out into the Nightingale" "Now I got Butterflies, Blue jays pretty things in the air out there ever since I found this, been Humming birds around my head".A beautiful song by far the best.
  2. Better To Lie ft August Rigo-Well I've never heard of August before but I found out that he co-wrote U smile for Justin Beiber and Solo for Iyaz. This is a great collaboration about a breakup which at first I thought might be a bit cliche,I was totally wrong it's great,worth listening to.
  3. Promise This-So catchy.
Overall Messy Little Raindrops is well worth £6.99.An excellent second album to Cheryl Cole's solo-career.

Another thing I'm loving at the moment is "Check It Out" by Will.I.Am ft Nikki Minaj and Cheryl Cole (she does the "oh wa oh" from 1979 single "Video Killed The Radio Star").I found GCLAUDS BLOG some images of Nikki and is a really great blog.

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