Friday, 29 October 2010

Hello Kitty Ears

Hiya.For Halloween I'm going as Hello Kitty so I needed to find some ears but I thought why not make them my self.

1.I started with making a template for the ear i transfered it to felt four times.

2.Place two pieces of felt on top of each other then sew around the edge,I sewed by hand however you can use a machine.Don't start stitching right at the bottom, so you can wrap the ears around a headband or elastic,by creating a flaps.

3.When finished sewing turn the felt inside out so you carn't see the stitches and place stuffing in side so that it fills out.

4.Sew the flaps together by hand around the headband.

5.Repeat these steps again on other two pieces of felt to make the other ear.

6.When making the bow I used hot pink felt which I bought with white at the fabric shop.To begin with I used this Pretty Felt Bow tutorial on Cut Out + Keep,a really cool website with thousands of tutorials posted for lots of different crafts.

7.I followed the tutorial up to step 8 but instead of the rest of the steps I improvised to shorten the process I just pinched the middle together to create like a pasta bow thing,then pin the the centre through the side.

8.I cut a 2cm by 10cm piece of felt and wrapped it around the centre after taking out the pins.Make sure the the end of the strip ends at the back of the bow and hand sew it together.

9.I placed the bow on a hair pin so I can adjust it in my hair.

The finished look.

I'll post photo's of the Halloween party on Sunday because the parties on Saturday.Hope you have have great Halloween.

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