Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween 2010 Party

Hi,I know it's not Halloween yet but my friend had a party today we danced,ate,talked and lit some halloween lanterns.

The lantern

Lol,I'm stood behind the mirror while my friend took a photo at the other side


At the party

My friends altogether, shame I'm not smiling lol

Huge lollipop's

Me shaking a hand that coming out of the ground

I was the least scariest person there but I still had fun.Happy Halloween for tomorrow.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Hello Kitty Ears

Hiya.For Halloween I'm going as Hello Kitty so I needed to find some ears but I thought why not make them my self.

1.I started with making a template for the ear i transfered it to felt four times.

2.Place two pieces of felt on top of each other then sew around the edge,I sewed by hand however you can use a machine.Don't start stitching right at the bottom, so you can wrap the ears around a headband or elastic,by creating a flaps.

3.When finished sewing turn the felt inside out so you carn't see the stitches and place stuffing in side so that it fills out.

4.Sew the flaps together by hand around the headband.

5.Repeat these steps again on other two pieces of felt to make the other ear.

6.When making the bow I used hot pink felt which I bought with white at the fabric shop.To begin with I used this Pretty Felt Bow tutorial on Cut Out + Keep,a really cool website with thousands of tutorials posted for lots of different crafts.

7.I followed the tutorial up to step 8 but instead of the rest of the steps I improvised to shorten the process I just pinched the middle together to create like a pasta bow thing,then pin the the centre through the side.

8.I cut a 2cm by 10cm piece of felt and wrapped it around the centre after taking out the pins.Make sure the the end of the strip ends at the back of the bow and hand sew it together.

9.I placed the bow on a hair pin so I can adjust it in my hair.

The finished look.

I'll post photo's of the Halloween party on Sunday because the parties on Saturday.Hope you have have great Halloween.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Gift Book Review


My sister got this book from Christmas and I decided to read it because of a few reasons a women we met on holiday recommended it and I had already read Cecelia Ahern's PS I Love... I thought it was really meaningful story I would definitely reccomend that as well.

At first I found it quite hard to get into but once the story started to develop and a supernatural, fantasy twist was put into what seamed to be an ordinary story I began to imagine my self in the setting,as a character, due to Ceciela's writing being incredibly descriptive with detail for every feeling and emotion helping me to visualize the plot in my position.I really found this book had a moral to life, that you carn't take what time you have with your family for granted by prioritizing and you shouldn't let work take over your life.I would recommend this book because of the real imagination put into the story and I think everybody will enjoy this.
Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Skirts of A/W 2010

Hi.I wanted to do an update on the recent skirt trends in autumn/winter 2010.

High Waisted Pencil Skirts

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf who has a very preppy and vintage image wears this classic style outfit of a pencil skirt which falls just above the knee which goes great with this blouse to finish the polished look.

Great places to get high waisted pencil skirts are:-
Topshop This pencil skirt has great detail with the parallel gold trimmed buttons.
Miss Selfridge A midi skirt with a difference this rushed design adds a twist to the classic pencil skirt.
ASOS This skirt is fitted with horizontal pleating and a side bustle I would definitely purchase it in the lilac nude because of the uniqueness

Long/Maxi Sk

Mary-Kate Olsen match's this simple black maxi skirt with large gingham print shirt and patent satchel. This outfit complements her image perfectly because she is quite grunge which is featured a lot in this season style.

Shops were you can get a similar look are:-
Urban Outfitters This all black skirt's waist band falls just above the hips and drops right the ankles.
New Look Cobweb prints are created by tie die and is very effective on this skirt also because of it's stunning floor length.
Topshop This leopard print flowing skirt with a skirt lining is exclusive to just Topshop.

Leather Skirt

Black Lively styled this individual blue leather skirt perfectly pulling together all the colours in the blouse,this outfit does need accessorising because of it's striking colours.

Other places were you can purchase leather skirts are:-
Reiss at ASOS The leather is layered in a kilt style to create a pleated look with zip detail on waist band.
Tory Burch at Net-A-Porter This mini grey leather skirt is made so cool by the circler tie die rippling from the waist band.
Urban Outfitters V-shaped panelling at the front including opposing pockets make it more edgy as wel as the skirt featuring in the in The Urban Renewal collection which means that it's made from recycled materials.

Hope you like my style suggestions for this season.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Today's Outfit

Hello again.Thought I'd show you what i chose to wear with my new military boots and coat.

Coat-Primark £17
Vest-H&M £3
Scarf-Next £12
Shorts-Miss Selfridge £30
Spotty Leggings-Next £8 (sale 1/2 price)
Boots-Claire's £32

Military Boots

Hey.Today I went shopping again! with my mum she bought me the most comfortable military boots from Claire's accessories, I didn't release that they sold shoes.

Military style boots (lol Kesha)They are distressed grey faux leather
with two buckles and zip for style purposes
and black laces with a usable zip at the side.
I also bought a black coat for school from Primark for £17 , and I went to the fabric shop to buy some materials for my Hello Kitty ears and bow for Halloween, which i'll be doing a post about some time soon and pink hairspray for the costume as well.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bad Gal Benefit Eyeliner Review

Hello.Mum recently bought this eyeliner when her and my dad took a trip to New York I think she payed $20 which is about £13.Once I tried it,I wanted one my self so I got on Ebay and bought one for £2.40 a great bargain from mandysbitsandbobs2010. It's unusually chunky for an eyeliner but it has a real edge but isn't too harsh. It's a lot easier to use than normal slim pencils and I will defenatly buy this again as well other Benefit stuff because I love it so much.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Funky Nails

My friend asked me to paint her nails and they turned out really well so I thought I'd show you how to do it too.

1.First you've got to start with the basics by filing and buffing your nails and I should have started with a base coat but I forgot :s.

2.Once the base coat is dry apply your a thin layer of your colour we chose to go with a black from Claire's accessories which I bought for a quid in the sales.

3.I then used my Rio Nail Art pen in silver to apply lines from the corner of her thumb.

4.I then covered all the nails with Barry M all in one which acts as a base coat top coat and nail hardener I would definitely recommend this product because it's not very expensive and it does so much you can purchase it at Boots and Superdrug.

5.The black nail polish also came with some star jems stored in the cap ,on top of the brush, but you can just use ordinary jems. Which I place on top of the silver where the lines meet and again I added the Barry M so it doesn't fall of.

Hoped you liked the design and sorry about the poor photo quality.XOXO

Shopping Trip!!

Hiya.Today me and my friends got the day of school so we decided to go to the shopping centre.I didn't buy a lot but I love my new brogues.

There a soft pink leather

with a clog style heel.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Halloween Costume!

Hello.I wanted to share my Halloween costume and ideas with you.I'm going to a party at my friends house I decided to go as Hello Kitty.Wearing white tights,pink sequin vest top and white converse with pink sparkly laces.For my make up I'm painting my face white with a yellow nose, whiskers and straitening my hair adding pink hair spray flashes.I'll be making the ears my self with the bow from some material i'm buying for the fabric shop.My sisters going as lady gaga possible with cans in her hair :D.Some other friends are going as characters from Alice in Wonderland like the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter.Other ideas I had that you could use for scary themed Halloween are funky vampires, pumpkins,wacky witches or a mummy which would be fairly easy to create with scraps of material.If your just dressing up then a super hero,Ugly Betty, a bee (my friend wore last year,so cute) and any other animals or insects and finally a donut lol


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

First Blog Post:D!!

Hey.So this my first blog.I just wanted too say hi and tell you what I was thinking of writing, basically anything and everything fashion,style,books,music,movies and anything else thats going on.

I'm just about to break for Autumn half term and me and my friends are thinking of going shopping so I'll let you know about my purchases
Milsybee XOXO